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Adult mobile msg chat

And they’re highly brand-conscious and vocal as well: 3 in 5 say they tend to buy brands they see advertised (20% ahead of the global average), while three quarters say they tend to buy premium versions of products (over-indexing by 36%) and that they regularly tell friends and family members about new products or services (over-indexing by 28%).

With such a young, fun-seeking and affluent audience as well as the strongest usage rate of any messaging app in APAC, it’s clear that We Chat is a name to watch in the rest of 2014 and beyond.

Globally, nearly three quarters of We Chat’s users are in fact below the age of 35.

It’s a similarly positive story on other measures, too.

That’s an impressive level of reach, and one which puts it around 50 million users ahead of its next closest rival (Facebook Messenger, on 20%).Global Web Index, a market research company that conducts the world’s largest multi-market research study on online consumer behaviors and trends, covering 32 markets and representing 89% of the global internet audience, published the following blog post about 2014 mobile trends and how We Chat stacks up in the mobile messaging arena. In the world of digital, 2014 has been the year of the mobile messaging app.From market to market, we’ve seen conversations migrating away from the big social networks and SMS/MMS services as more and more people carry out their conversations via dedicated mobile messaging tools.Indeed, while We Chat’s audience size in other regions remains more modest, it has over the last two years been experiencing considerable levels of growth across the Americas, Europe and MENA, too (as just one example, its Lat Am audience size rose by 250% between Q1 2013 and Q3 2014).As with so many other digital trends at the moment, then, one thing is clear: China is rising.

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This gap is much bigger within APAC, though, where We Chat has an audience nearly 2.5x bigger than that of Messenger.