Consolidating audio logic

Posted by / 04-Apr-2016 01:48

Consolidating audio logic

There is just one thing I really miss from my years with Cubase and that is its great drum editor.

Logic can do everything I need for homerecording as an amateur musician - and much, more.

When I try to export a wave, and then test it by reimporting it back to Live, it is not lining up.

Maybe I'm not grasping the concept of Live's way of Bouncing / Freezing audio tracks.

Logic's compressor received a faceplant in 10.1, and I dare say the GUI-- and sound-- is like a third party plugin unto itself.

Do you want to focus on creating instead of being interrupted by silly technicalities? After Logic got sold to Apple I had to make the switch to Cubase but somehow never felt "at home" with that DAW. But after reading a good book about it and trying a few things out I started to feel comfortable again quite soon.

I am guessing that somehow I need to fill in the empty space in front of the track.

I thought that using consolidation does this, but I have not been able to get it to work.

I got it bundled as a light version with the "Guillemot Maxi Studio Isis" soundcard in 2001 when it was still developed and distributed for Windows PCs.

10.2 demonstrates the clout, strength, and commitment of Apple to the Music Production community with the addition of Alchemy, let alone many bug fixes.

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One area that could be improved is the matching of the mixer to the arranger, so if you set up the approriate placeholders, including sends/aux channels, upfront, you'll be better off through the course of a production.