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Dating and phone rules

This is assuming you have already approached and struck up a conversation with someone you are interested in.

Maybe you met her at a bar, or coffee shop or even the park.

The woman of today has focused on her career, and as a result, can often support herself financially.

The last things she wants is a man to spoil her and make her feel like an item that can be bought off of a shelf; however, the woman of today does want to feel like a lady.

Successful people have done this for years and will continue. Not an exhaustive list of ensuring your cellphone habits for dating works, but at least follow these and give yourself the best chance possible.

Communication has become very tough over the years.

This tells the woman you are interested in that you do intend to call and you want her to be able to recognize your number when you do.Calling late night says one of two things: one, you are just interested in hooking up and you want to do so before your buzz wears off and your judgment returns or two, you are desperate.For you movie buffs, think about the scene in Swingers when Jon Favreau’s character meets a girl in a bar and upon returning home, proceeds to call her repeatedly until she finally answers.Tell her the game-playing is for the normal dating, but she is worth being treated different – yup, that completely works. You Can’t Manipulate Someone Into Liking You Well, not always true. I don’t like it anymore than the next good guy, but it happens and many times we do it without even knowing it. We are all multi-tasking nowadays and being “too busy” just says you’re a dick.I like the concept, but its OK to manipulate someone into liking you from time to time. But if you are just dating and know its going to be a short-term thing, go for it. Sometimes, it can work as a reason, but do it at your own risk.

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Pay attention to her body language and look for signs that she is interested. When she makes eye contact, does she hold her head down and look up at you? Finally and most importantly, does she seem reluctant to end the conversation when it is clearly time to leave?

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