Dirtydatinglive com

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Dirtydatinglive com

The two Black couples use and abuse her as their personal slutty fuck-hole at an interracial orgy.

They make her suck cunt and cock for them and their friends-take fingers in her asshole and cunt, get fucked doggystyle, and suck the jizz off a cream-coated cock. without being allowed to take part in any other way.

But if you want to see hot, uninhibited average couples having wild good times at orgies all across America... Our Web slogan says it all: "Real couples, real sex...

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When the guy sees she's done, he pulls, rips off his rubber and scums all over her round belly and tits. Leaving the sad-sack cuck to clean up his sperm-splattered slut. But when she has had enough she murmurs to the dude, "Fuck me," and he is more than happy to oblige. Here's the nice tight WMV version of my double-duty fuck clip: It's a purely filthy orgy scene (shot at world-famous Trapeze club) AND an informative hint for making your next orgy is a suck-cess. She and her MILFy and cougarish friends are having fuck fun at the masked balling.

Ah, but when he gets his scum-filled MILF home, he gets very sloppy seconds (or is it thirds?

) fucking her stretched-out cunt while slapping her big fat ass hard.

As clip opens we see Big Clit cumming standing tall having her pussy sucked right on the dance floor.

Later, she cums again in the orgy room sobbing loudly, her legs spread wide, as painful little clamps pinch her pussy lips and a huge fat dildo tap-tap-taps on her wet swollen clit and slit.

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