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Dooodolls online dating

she kept on throwing questions, and i was really very nervous that i will say something wrong and i just decided to pray that God will help me!! and that she managed to remove the worries in her mind and got answers to her questions!! and i scolded when i got home cause i was home late!!! in the end i read the card she gave me and it was really very sweet la!!! when she was done, we went to the loo then left shaw house!!! then at Far East, she started talking about ______we went to find the tattoo shop cause she wanna see then we waited for the shop to open, while waiting, she told me about____and asked what should she do!! she told me then i started telling her what we have been doing as humans and i started talking to her!!! and i was glad that sam felt better after i talked to her!! jared oh my phy teacher, vincent toh my eng teacher, ang my chem teacher and form teacher again!!

it was really nice to catch up with her about life!!! so soon, we started talking and i started telling her more....(shall not say anything!!! )and i was really awed at what God has done, cause everything that came out from my mouth just came out!! i was really happy and at the same time awed that God had just used me as an instrument to minister to sam!! went to 7-11 to get a drink then walked to orchard mrt!! i mean mum didn't tell me to be home before 6 and i got scolded WTH lah!! then used com, then had to open pressie cause yuen kept on bugging me to open hers!!! mum gave me the ipod nano and godma gave me the phone!! came home, wrapped all actually not all la cause not enough wrapping paper=.=!!! wished mum, uncle albert and family, yuen and bros!!!! was soaking wet cause we went over to the other team side and burst their water bombs and they attack us!! then we were soaking wet and poured more water on each other!!! we sang her the bdae song then let her go wash up!!! on the way back to cell room, i realised my hp died on me!! went back to cell room and saw everyone eating a quiche kristie made!!! while eating, all of us was like laughing and wan xin gave us our xmas pressie!!!

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i might not be able to go for smash cause mummy want to have bbq at yuen house she wants me to go!! all my reasons will be stupid to you in the end so WTF!!