Free chat line bakersfield

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Free chat line bakersfield

This great all-purpose premium line is available in moss green.

I may just go down to 12lb since it's so strong but I don't know if the smaller diameter will cope well with baitcasters.From: Comments: I use this line in the clear fluorescent color for bass fishing at night in the summer. It holds up really good in the rocks while fishing jigs & spinnerbaits with the 20lb & crankbaits with the 15lb.The 20lb is the same diameter as 16lb & the 15lb is the same as 12lb.From: Comments: I have fished this line for many years and have had zero issues with it.I use it mostly for night fishing and have some reels that the line has been on for 2 years. I probably fish more in a month than most do in year.

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Its all I use and will ever use, cast smoothly with very minimal memory super strong knots super thin diameter. From: Comments: Low memory, stretch, and great sensitivity. I use 15lb on my baitcast and everytime I snag, I fear for my rod and reel.