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Funny camping pranks for adults

Next find and collect some rocks and place them on the bottom and replace all the other items back inside.

When they lift their backpack again, they won’t really feel the added weight but gradually it will show up in their faces.

For those times when you have too much time, Shift everyone's crap over one tent and send the first guy to the end.

Just a very simple set of little pranks my friends and I did: 1) We had a very, very, very long roll of string and wrapped it around just about every single thing we could in the girls bathroom until you literally couldn't move inside.So you know how everyone is all groggy and can't really see that well in the morning? Well, take the saran wrap and wrap every doorway that you see and when the victims get up and try to get out of or in to the cabin/tent they will run into the saran wrap, thus causing laughter from everyone! The last time I performed this prank, I found my socks were crazy glued into my sneakers. When camping, people usually carry some sort of protection for the eyes like sunglasses.Some even carry binoculars to get a better look at the surroundings from a distance. After the campfire is out, take some of the ash and rub it all over the lens of the sunglasses or binoculars.

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Hope you try it(: One time a group activity was going on at a camp I went to. It's such a great pranks because one can never completely clean all the vaseline out of your sneakers.