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Hochschwab wanderkarte online dating

Evidence of this use is visible in the many prehistoric and proto-historic sites discovered, and in the medieval towns and castles.

The remains of two major cities from classical times, Paestum and Velia, can be found there.

Vestiges of ancient mountain trail networks are still visible in the landscape, as are many of the religious sanctuaries.

Villages and hamlets along the route have survived with little change impacting their authenticity.

The National Park, essentially a mountainous region divided by several river valleys sloping down to the Tyrrhenian Sea, is defined by natural features: the Tyrrhenian Sea on the east, and the Sele and Tanagro rivers, with the broad sweep of the Vallo di Diano in its upper reaches.

Communication routes were established during pre-historic times along the crests of the mountain ranges, and while they fell into decline during the Roman era, they came back into use in the Middle Ages.

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