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I enjoyed the sunlight while it lasted, but then every part of my body froze to ice except for my foot and leg wrapped in the cast. While AC ran in for a few things, Sam offered to drive me a few other places.

A week ago today I traded the splint and bandages for a fiberglass cast.

Bookish If I left her alone, Sam would read all day long. There was no swelling, and I was cleared to move into the walking boot and to bear weight on the foot, only 30% of my body weight the first week, using crutches. I was able to clear the car of snow and shovel a bit when AC was out of town for work. On March 12 the surgeon said I could start to transition out of the boot slowly, and changed my PT orders slightly.

In winter her favorite spot is on top of the heat vent in the bathroom. Kind neighbors used their snow-blower on the driveway, and Sam and Susie pitched in. There had been a miscommunication with the PT, so there was a tendon exercise I was supposed to have been doing but only just started in the last week or so.

And by tag along I mean: make them carry all my stuff while I hobbled the long walk from parking lot to field on crutches.

AC set me up with a special chair for my foot so I could watch his pick-up game. Sam played with the 11-year old sister of one of the players and had a grand time exploring. After it got too cold to play and I hobbled back to the car (didn’t warm me up as much as I’d hoped) we stopped at Trader Joe’s.

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But at least I can stand on two feet again in the shower.