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It is fun and by connecting with friends and fans in the form of a common passion for games and creative projects a new social network emerges.

Many streamer Earn Their Living with Twitch by how well They entertain Their audience and interact with it.

Instead, he plays mostly indie game with high replayability, such as .He is a regular figure that is building their fanbase one day at a time, similar to what the aforementioned Lethal Frag did just a few years ago.Given enough time, who knows how big he will end up?But for the most part, he plays a variety of single-player games like .This is a great channel to watch if you want something a little softer than usual without dipping in the boring area.

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Followers: ~ 62,000 As one of the few Twitch streamers with a real radio voice, x Sma K is a joy to watch.

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