Oasis dating mobile version

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Oasis dating mobile version

You can have several pages open at the same time as you amble off to browse the photos in the middle of the book before flipping back to where you were.

In ebooks, even now, text can re-flow so there’s no physicality to help you remember stuff – in some books flipping back and forth a couple of pages can move the text around confusingly.

Not to mention that ebooks download wirelessly in under a minute, so if you finish the first volume of , you can press a button and instantly read the second, without leaving the hotel.

In fact, if you have the 3G-enabled version of an ebook reader, you needn’t even leave the beach to pick up another book.

These are not big problems and you can easily acclimatise.

Purchasing content is still not quite as fluent as I’d like.

Amazon’s new system fonts and screen layout work well.

I mention this because ebook readers are particularly popular among holiday readers.

After all, you can pack over 1,000 books in your suitcase electronically with practically no weight.

This thicker edge makes it easier to hold and you can turn it upside down if you prefer the buttons on the other side – the onscreen words turn with it.

Even so, there’s a knack to holding it: if the buttons are leaning too hard on your fingers, they can turn when you don’t mean them to, and if you rest your thumb off the buttons, you must take care not to engage the touchscreen.

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The Oasis comes with a clever leather book cover which connects magnetically and includes a big battery to extend reading life considerably.

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