Oovoo dating app

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Oovoo dating app

She hid her secret social media apps in a folder on her phone called Best Friends.

“I knew my parents would assume it was just photos, so wouldn’t bother opening it,” she admits.

“My dad thought he was being extra vigilant by being my friend on Facebook as he’d heard about online bullying.I felt sick.” The abusive messages carried on, with Hannah even threatening to hack Princess’ computer.“I was petrified as it held all my parents’ details and passwords,” she remembers.“But I couldn’t tell them as I didn’t want them to know I’d been so secretive.” Princess shut down her Kiwi account after two months.“I hadn’t dared to as I was worried what Hannah might do,” she explains. Thankfully, I never heard from her again.” Even so, it didn’t stop Princess downloading Kik, which allows users to be identified only by a username, when she got a smartphone in January 2015.

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But I didn’t want my parents snooping, so also used chat apps and sites they’d never heard of.

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