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Over the decades, the number of victims in church circles is estimated at over 100, and the number of perpetrators is believed to be in the dozens, says child welfare expert Johanna Hurtig.

It has long been one of Canada's elite private schools, founded in 1836, a year before Queen Victoria ascended the throne and three decades before Confederation.

They said, "As your bishops, we have established policies for dealing with sexual abuse of minors.

We concur with the directives of the Holy See to comply with civil law in reporting all cases of sexual abuse of minors. La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico), ~ May 1, 2010 CIUDAD DEL VATICANO -- El Vaticano informó hoy que el Papa decidió designar un comisario que guiará la refundación de los Legionarios de Cristo, tras reconocer que su fundador Marcial Maciel construyó una red de poder "inescrupulosa" que marcó a la congregación.

NEW DELHI – India's Roman Catholic bishops are planning to institute a policy of reporting all abuse allegations against priests to the police for criminal investigations, rather than just handling the cases internally, a church spokesman said.

The draft policy is a response to a rising tide of allegations worldwide that many priests who abused children were permitted to return to work with little sanction, said the Rev.

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Most of the scandals have been from Europe, especially in Ireland and Germany, the home country of Pope Benedict XVI, who is reported to have presided over a diocese that silently transferred a paedophile priest to another diocese, where he continued working with children. A church review panel has substantiated sexual abuse claims made by one of the men against Daniel Mc Cormack, a defrocked Chicago priest who in 2007 was sentenced to five years in prison for earlier abusing five youths. Van Bockstaele, ~ May 01, 2010 BELGIUM – The paedophilia scandal involving Catholic bishop Vangheluwe is widening, there may be a second victim in spite of the bishop's assurances.