Talkmatch online dating winks

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Talkmatch online dating winks

Member status aside, it should not matter to anyone other than the person sending the mail and the person receiving it what the content is.

Yahoo has more serious issues than the one Admin mentioned or I mentioned and it will continue until governments start finding major sites like Yahoo responsible. Posts2347099Class action ---Evans alleges that employees identify customers whose subscriptions are about to lapse and send them "winks" - a way users show interest in each other - and scripted E-mails. Be curious to see what happens I think I've been nailed with that tactic before from those sites and others I'd rather not mention.The suit alleges snooping employees read customers' E-mails to each other and use the information "to make themselves appear to be the 'perfect match' to that person." A separate lawsuit filed in San Jose accuses the online dating service of internet giant Yahoo of breach of contract, fraud and unfair trade practices. Usually it's right after you updated your subscription you find yourself saying ummm... I guess that's one of the reasons I don't bother anymore. I had an ad on awhile off because they were censoring mail between me and other customers. They do that so people can't get around paying the subscription to use the service. I have recieved hundreds of winks and e-mails from "other users" that were "interested" only to find out after contacting them that the had sent NO wink or message to me and had NO interest in contacting me.What is worse, is that these companies, in order to try and make a few extra bucks..USED people....played with their hearts..just their wallets. I hope they fry those companies into the ground and are forced to at the VERY least, financially compensate any person that they have used for their gain. And of course those people never wind up giving me any contact info so it goes nowhere.This isnt just about about giving people false hope...potentially hurting a fellow human being. How much memory do you think it'd take to do a whats that word again? I would say I'm really pissed about it now, but really it didn't ruin my life or anything lol.

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